A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Zen Monastery Map

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This beautifully idyllic location is perfect for meeting a wise NPC or an unexpected ambush. Numerous small islands are surrounded by water filled with waterlilies and fish. The islands are connected by bridges and stone walkways, allowing players to take several different paths to the shrine held in a giant stone hand. Will this be where a monk to avenges their master and learn their true identity? Does trouble lurk in the seemingly calm waters? Have the players come to meet the gorgeous dragon that sleeps in these waters? These lands ooze that Ghibli-like peace but beware there’s always trouble lurking.

The Zen Monastery map pack contains 14 files.

Map size 21 × 49
Setting Temple Exterior
Variations Autumn Day, Autumn Night, Catfish Day, Catfish Night, Dragon Day, Dragon Night, No Lights Night, Original Day, Original Night, Rain Day, Spring Day, Spring Night, Winter Day, Winter Night
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