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Yggdrasil Village Map

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Part of a series, this map pack depicts a village nestled among the roots of the World Tree. Wooden walkways and bridges that connect the various areas. Task your players with discovering who is polluting the waters or why the waters run red with blood. Your players may come into contact with enigmatic protectors of Yggdrasil who seek champions to aid in preserving the balance of nature. Or this could be the first stop in an adventure to travel to the top of Yggdrasil. The map pack includes seasonal variants, weather variations, and perfect plot hooks for adventure.

The Yggdrasil Village map pack contains 23 files.

Map size 38 × 64
Setting Rural Exterior
Variations Autumn, Crimson Village, Desert, Fire Fly, Flooded, Fog, Island Village Day, Island Village Night, Island Village Swamp, Low Tide Day, Low Tide Night, Massacre, Natural Day, Natural Night, Original Day, Original Night, Polluted Waters, Rain, Sea Of Blood, Sea Of Slime, Spring, Sunset, Winter
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