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Yggdrasil Treetop Map

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Part of a series, this map pack depicts a the grandeur of the World Tree. The Yggdrasil Treetop map pack invites you to traverse the lofty branches of the World Tree, where wooden pathways and a mystical portal promise adventure. How did your players attain these incredible heights? Why are they here? And what will they find through the portal? Like all of Czepeku's portal maps, the variations allow you to bring your players into countless realms and introduce any number of adventures.

The Yggdrasil Treetop map pack contains 20 files.

Map size 30 × 63
Setting Other Exterior
Variations Activated, Astral, Burning Portal, Dark, Dead, Ethereal, Fog, Jump, Massacre, Natural, No Portal, No Stairs Day, No Stairs Night, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Shadowrealm, Sunset, Verdant Portal, Winter
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