A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Yggdrasil Roots Map - d39bfaaf8270b7842ffaa74752fbd14a

Yggdrasil Roots Map

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Part of a series, this map pack depicts a the grandeur of the World Tree. The Yggdrasil Roots map pack unveils the mysterious depths beneath the World Tree, with caverns, chasms, and giant creatures lurking in the shadows. Delve into variations like 'Blood Pool,' where the roots may lead to a chilling revelation, or 'Portal Empty,' where the boundaries between realms remain enigmatic.

The Yggdrasil Roots map pack contains 30 files.

Map size 33 × 64
Setting Other Exterior
Variations Blood Pool, Blood Pool Empty, Cave, Cave Natural, Cave Natural No Roots, Cave No Roots, Desert, Desert Empty, Fireflies, Fog, Lava Pool, Lava Pool Empty, Light Break Night, Light Break Day, No Magic, Original, Original Empty, Otherworld Nidhogg, Otherworld Empty, Portal, Portal Empty, Sap Flood, Sap Flood Empty, Swamp, Swamp Empty, Toxic, Toxic Empty, Winter, Winter Empty, Yggdrasil Serpent
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