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Yggdrasil Branch Overlook Map

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Part of a series, this map pack depicts a the grandeur of the World Tree. The Yggdrasil Branch Overlook map pack grants you access to an otherworldly nest perched upon the giant branch of the World Tree. Enormous eggs and ancient secrets await. Explore variations like 'Raven,' where avian guardians may play a pivotal role in your quest, or 'Haunted Spiders,' where arachnids and spectors may spin tales of dread.

The Yggdrasil Branch Overlook map pack contains 16 files.

Map size 30 × 50
Setting Other Exterior
Variations Broken Branch, Deep Wood, Earthen Woods, Haunted, Haunted Spiders, Natural Day, Natural Night, Original Day, Original Night, Other World, Rain, Raven, Sealed, Sunset, Winter Day, Winter Night
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