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Wonderful Wizard Waterfall Map

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We hope your players aren't afraid of heights. If they are, how will they visit the wizard that lives that top of this cliff? The 26 files feature a large house atop a mountain, a winding path leading to a cliff's edge, and secret caves within. Exceptional details bring this rural interior and exterior to life. With variations like Creeping Fog, Lightning Rod, or Sky, your players can explore different aspects of this magical world. Will they uncover the secrets hidden within the caves or ascend to the top of the mountain to meet the Wonderful Wizard? Have the adventurers been summoned to deal with the creeping fog? Or perhaps they followed a rainbow. Anything can happen in a wizard's home.

The Wonderful Wizard Waterfall map pack contains 26 files.

Map size * × *
Setting Rural Interior/Exterior
Variations Autumn, Basement, Bloodfall, Creeping Fog 01, Creeping Fog 02, Creeping Fog 03, Creeping Fog 04, Desert, End Of The Rainbow, Fireflies, First Floor Day, First Floor Night, Lightning Rod, Natural Day, Natural Night, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Second Floor Day, Second Floor Night, Sky, Summer, Third Floor Day, Third Floor Night, Winter Day, Winter Night
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