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A collage of several Czepeku maps
Wizard Vault Map - 86f18711b6a449723960b25d89f069ad

Wizard Vault Map

Product Information



Heists, mysteries, treasures, a giant clock, and a gorgeous vault door are available in this map pack. Green and red tiled floors, a stained glass clock, and jade statues add to the mystique. Are your players delivering something to the vault? Trying to get something out? Or have they come to visit the the wizard who oversees the vault? Unlock the arcane in variations like 'Time Travel Portal,' where the passage of time may lead to unexpected consequences, or 'Hell Portal,' where the treasures of an infernal realms beckons.

The Wizard Vault map pack contains 30 files.

Map size 29 × 58
Setting Urban Interior
Variations Abandoned Locked, Abandoned Open, Abandoned Portal, Emerald Hour Locked, Emerald Hour Open, Emerald Hour Portal, Frozen Locked, Frozen Open, Frozen Portal, Hell Locked, Hell Open, Hell Portal, Indigo Bank Locked, Indigo Bank Open, Indigo Bank Portal, Lunar Hour Locked, Lunar Hour Open, Lunar Hour Portal, Massacre Locked, Massacre Open, Massacre Portal, Original Day Locked, Original Day Open, Original Day Portal, Original Night Locked, Original Night Open, Original Night Portal, Time Travel Locked, Time Travel Open, Time Travel Portal
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