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Wizard Prison Pt. 3 Map

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This map pack is the third in the Wizard Prison map series. The portal at the bottom of the stairs brings you into this Escher-like space. With massive archways and a sense of deep strangeness, this map is perfect for a creepy escape or to build a sense of horror. This map is a portal-beyond-a-portal-beyond-a-portal at the edge of the world. This rural interior setting offers an atmospheric and chilling backdrop for your campaign's mysterious and magical encounters.

The Wizard Prison Pt. 3 map pack contains 20 files

Map size 40 × 49
Setting Rural Interior
Variations Blood Realm, Blue Moon, Celestial, Constellation, Deep Sea, Desert Day, Desert Night, Enter The Void, Floating Island Prison, Fog, Inert, Lava, Massacre, Ocean Prison, Opulent, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Ritual, SecretDoor
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