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Wizard Prison Pt. 2 Map

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This map pack is a continuation of the Wizard Prison map. As you step through the portal at the end of the world, find yourself within a tower adorned with a bone staircase. Guarded by flickering gargoyles known as Face Stealers, the tower's interior is hauntingly decorated with the anguished faces of wizards. Their eyes watch you as you descend. Any sign of magic and the Face Stealers will come for you too. At the base of the tower is a portal. To enter it you have to jump and hope. This rural interior setting offers an atmospheric and chilling backdrop for your campaign's mysterious and magical encounters.

The Wizard Prison Pt. 2 map pack contains 25 files

Map size 30 × 42
Setting Rural Interior
Variations Blood Realm, Call To The Void, Celestial, Deep Sea, Deep Sea Sharks, Dream Realm, Flood Level 1, Flood Level 2, Flood Level 3, Flood Level 4, Flood Level 5, Flood Level 6, Fog, Ghostly Flame, Haunted, Inert, Lava, Massacre, Original Day, Original Night, OuterSpace, Rain, Ritual, Toxic, Winter
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