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Wizard Prison Pt. 1 Map

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Welcome to the outer approach of the enigmatic Wizard Prison, the first installment in an enthralling series. This portal gate stands perched on a vast promontory of rock, isolated within a star-filled void. The land bears the scars of astral collisions, forever marred by celestial impacts. Meteors continually rain down, creating a cosmic barrier to ward off or obliterate intruders. The portal gate itself is protected by powerful talismans, amulets, and apotropaic marks, forming a barrier against all who dare to approach. Unveil the 23 variations, from the mystical Celestial to the frigid Winter Night, as you embark on this extraordinary journey into the realm of wizardry and confinement.

The Wizard Prison Part 1 map pack contains 23 files

Map size 36 × 67
Setting Rural Exterior
Variations Blood Realm, Celestial, Deep Sea, Enter The Void, Floating Island Day, Floating Island Night, Fog, Hot Spring Day, Hot Spring Night, Inert Portal, Lava, Massacre, Natural Day, Natural Night, Ocean Prison, Original Day, Original Night, Outer Space, Rain, Ritual, Toxic, Winter Day, Winter Night
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