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Wizard Bank Interior Map

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Part of a series, this map pack depicts the gorgeously detailed interior of a wizard bank. Introduce your players to a multi-level urban labyrinth of offices, bed chambers, and vaults. The alarm variants add extra danger to a heist. While the silent night variant has an eerie calm which may foreshadow danger. The portal variants may provide interesting ways in and out of the bank.

The Wizard Bank Interior map pack contains 24 files.

Map size * × *
Setting Urban Interior
Variations Floor01 Alarm, Floor01 Alarm Smoke, Floor01 Deactivated Portal, Floor01 Massacre, Floor01 Night Lights, Floor01 Original Day, Floor01 Original Night, FloorB1 Alarm, FloorB1 Alarm Smoke, FloorB1 Deactivated Portal, FloorB1 Massacre, FloorB1 Night Lights, FloorB1 Original Day, FloorB1 Original Night, FloorB2 Alarm, FloorB2 Alarm No Sentinels, FloorB2 Alarm Smoke, FloorB2 Alarm Smoke No Sentinels, FloorB2 Deactivated Portal, FloorB2 Massacre, FloorB2 No Sentinels, FloorB2 Original Day, FloorB2 Original Night, FloorB2 Silent Night
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