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Windmill Farm Map - ae9553d633c88e38f322154034946945

Windmill Farm Map

Product Information



Not every adventure has to start in a city or a tavern. This beautiful map pack features a picturesque windmill surrounded by vast fields and a charming pumpkin patch. The landscape offers lush greens and open spaces, perfect for rural adventures. With a range of variations like the eerie Hag Lair, serene Sunset Day, or ominous Swamp Night, your players can immerse themselves in different scenarios. Will they uncover the secrets of the Elder Tree Farm or brave the horrors of the Redmoon Night? Whether it's a tranquil day in the fields or a treacherous journey through the swamp, your adventurers will face unique challenges and mysteries.

The Windmill Farm map pack contains 19 files.

Map size 31 × 46
Setting Rural Exterior
Variations Arkus Day, Bloody Night, Elder Tree Farm Day, Elder Tree Farm Night, Firefly Night, Fog, Hag Lair Day, Hag Lair Night, Interior, No windmill Day, No windmill Night, Original Day, Original Night, Rain Day, Redmoon Bloody Night, Redmoon Night, Sunset Day, Swamp Day, Swamp Night
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