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Wild West Saloon Map

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We've said it before and we'll say it again - You can never have too many tavern maps. This Wild West Saloon map pack gives you a sprawling establishment with multiple floors set against the arid desert backdrop. Explore the dusty ground floor, complete with tables, chairs, and a pool table, where your players can experience variations like Haunted Souls or Snow Day. Ascend to the top floor for a different perspective and confront new challenges like a wandering medusa. With a staggering array of 46 files, this map pack offers limitless possibilities for Wild West-themed adventures. Will your characters uncover the saloon's hidden secrets, survive its supernatural encounters, or fall victim to the horrors that lurk within its walls?

The Wild West Saloon map pack contains 46 files.

Map size 21 × 35
Setting Urban Interior
Variations Ground Floor Bloody Fight Day, Ground Floor Dust Storm, Ground Floor Grass Day, Ground Floor Haunted Souls, Ground Floor Haunted Night, Ground Floor Horror Day, Ground Floor Magic Seal, Ground Floor Medusa Day, Ground Floor Messy Day, Ground Floor Messy Night, Ground Floor Murder, Ground Floor Oil Burst Day, Ground Floor Oil Spill Containment Spell, Ground Floor Orange Desert, Ground Floor Original Day, Ground Floor Original Night, Ground Floor Rain, Ground Floor Silent Night, Ground Floor Snow Storm Night, Ground Floor Snow Day, Ground Floor Time Warp, Ground Floor Unstable Spell, Ground Floor Water Burst Day, Top Floor Bloody Fight Day, Top Floor Dust Storm, Top Floor Grass Day, Top Floor Haunted Souls, Top Floor Haunted Night, Top Floor Horror Day, Top Floor Magic Seal, Top Floor Medusa Day, Top Floor Messy Day, Top Floor Messy Night, Top Floor Murder, Top Floor Oil Burst Day, Top Floor Oil Spill Containment Spell, Top Floor Orange Desert, Top Floor Original Day, Top Floor Original Night, Top Floor Rain, Top Floor Silent Night, Top Floor Snow Storm Night, Top Floor Snow Day, Top Floor Time Warp, Top Floor Unstable Spell, Top Floor Water Burst Day
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