A collage of several Czepeku maps
Warforged Titan Scrapyard Map - fcda6a396e9a92ed570eca21413fa6db

Warforged Titan Scrapyard Map

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Czepeku deliver another inventive and intriguing setting. As you explore this metallic graveyard, you'll encounter vast wrecks of warforged machinery, with massive gears and mechanisms scattered across the landscape. A giant, discarded hand, cogs, and other remnants of a colossal titan warforged, lay forgotten. Or are they? The bazaar, assassination, and camp variants show signs of life among the metal. What will the party find here? Will they uncover a conspiracy to awaken a dormant army of warforged titans? Or will they find the lost core that has lain hidden here for centuries?

The Warforged Titan Scrapyard map pack contains 20 files.

Map size 28 × 44
Setting Other Exterior
Variations Assassination, Bazaar Day, Bazaar Night, Camp Day, Camp Night, Day, Fireflies, Foggy, Graffiti, Lost Core, Meadow, Mournland, Night, No Hand, Ochre, Rain, Shadow, Spiders, Sunset, Winter
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