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War Room Interior Map

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Whether you need the perfect location for a war conference, a heist, or a combat against palace guards, the War Room Interior map pack immerses you in a bustling urban center of strategy and diplomacy. As you explore the war room, towering shelves of books, maps, and the various statues, you'll realize that every detail is significant. Navigate the intrigue in variations like 'Airship Strategy,' where the scales of power may tip in your favor, or 'Lilac Faction,' where political machinations hold the key to victory.

The War Room Interior map pack contains 15 files.

Map size 29 × 58
Setting Urban Interior
Variations Airship Strategy, Azure Faction, Card Night, Drake Council, Lilac Faction, Massacre, No Table, Original Day, Original Night Dark, Original Night Spotlight, Split Ring, Verde Faction, War Map, War Map2, War Map3
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