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Village Hunting Guild Map

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Part of the peaceful village series, this hunting guild is perfect for any adventure. The village is surrounded by miles and miles of fields and forests on all sides, and an untold number of nefarious monsters and beasts haunt the countryside. And someone needs to keep them in check and hunt the ones that are causing trouble. No more ambushes on itinerant monks and travelling merchants or raids on the local greengrocer when the hunting guild is at work! If you're looking for your first job in the world of adventuring this is a great place to check, they have a behest board, a map room, a stock of arms, and places to train. They'll even buy up any rare monster parts you have and sell them to the local witch. Best of luck out there, hunters!


The Village Hunting Guild map pack contains 20 files.
Map size 30 x 48
Setting Rural Exterior
Variations Autumn, Burgled, Dark, Desert Day, Desert Night, Empty Day, Empty Night, Field Day, Field Night, Fireflies, Fog, Grasslands Day, Grasslands Night, Massacre, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Spring, Winter Day, Winter Night
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