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A collage of several Czepeku maps
Victorian Greenhouse Map - fcf50ac63a99d4b2e1260fbcd0850249

Victorian Greenhouse Map

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With multiple levels, expansive giant windows that allow sunlight to pour in, a stunning mosaic floor, and enchanting fountains, this greenhouse provides an ideal backdrop for various adventures. Whether your story calls for an eerie atmosphere, the enchantment of fey magic, or the serenity of a soulful garden, these variations offer a diverse range of options. From daytime exploration to mysterious nights, the Victorian Greenhouse maps can breathe life into your interior settings and create immersive experiences for your players.

The Victorian Greenhouse map pack contains 21 files.

Map size * × *
Setting Other Interior
Variations Eerie, Empty Day, Empty Night, Fey Bloom, Fey Chamber, Fey Light, Fey Magic, Feymaker, Flooded, Fluorescent Flair, Original Day, Original Night, Original Roof Day, Original Upstairs Day, Romance, Roof Night, Seelie Portal, Soul Garden, Sunset, Unseelie Portal, Upstairs Night
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