A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Vampire Mansion Map

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This is detailed three-story mansion is perfect for any local lord, baron, or wealthy vampire. With a multi-roomed house, a courtyard, chapel, small shed, and even an underground crypt, your players will have fun exploring every part of this map. What is going on in this beautiful, remote mansion? Have ghosts taken over? What should the party do about the cult that has set up in the basement? Perhaps the locals have already come to this place and exacted their revenge. The gorgeously rendered map variations give you options from time of year to choice of monsters. Whether you choose to scare your players or give them a nice home base, this map is perfect.

The Vampire Mansion map pack contains 20 files.

Map size 35 × 26
Setting Urban Interior
Variations Basement Cult Day, Basement Ghost Day, Fog Top Floor Day, Fog Day, Giant Basement, Ghost Night, Normal Mansion Top Floor Day, Normal Mansion Day, Original Basement, Original Top Floor Day, Original Top Night, Original Day, Original Night, Rain Top Floor Day, Rain Day, Snow Top Floor Day, Snow Day, Ghost Top Level, Village Battle Top Floor Day, Village Battle Day
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