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Train Station Platforms Map

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Three train lines meet at this beautiful train station platform adorned with a majestic unicorn motif, with options for vibrant activity or eerie abandonment. Traverse the spider queen nest or engage in daring heists within the thief hideout. Witness the sinister plots of a criminal syndicate or marvel and the beauty of the sunset through the stained glass windows. This pack includes an incredible map depicting the cogs and girders that make up the roof of this gorgeous train platform.

The Train Station Platforms map pack contains 33 files.

Map size 36 × 71
Setting Urban Interior
Variations Abandoned, Abandoned Lightning Rail, Boss Room 00, Boss Room 01, Boss Room 02, Boss Room 03, Casino, Frost, Frost Lightning Rail, Hazard Station, Hell Station, Lightning Rail Day, Lightning Rail Night, Lightning Rail Train Day, Lightning Rail Train Night, Massacre, Massacre Lightning Rail, Original Day, Original Night, Roof, Roof Lightning Rail, Spider Queen Nest, Spider Queen Nest Lightning Rail, Stained Glass, Stained Glass Lightning Rail, Steam Train Day, Steam Train Night, Sunset, Sunset Lightning Rail, Thief Hideout, Thief Hideout No Boat, Train Wreck, Train Wreck Lightning Rail
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