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Train Station Concourse Map

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The Train Station Concourse map pack transports you to a grand train station interior, featuring elegant design, tiled floors, and a unicorn motifs. Small stores and cafés make the concourse a wonderful place to start. Each arched gateway leads to a train platform. Navigate bustling crowds or eerie abandoned lobbies. Encounter spectral hauntings or uncover the reason behind a spider infestation. The gorgeous glass-fronted clock embedded in the tiled floor may be part of a magical ritual. Or may tell the exact time of a massacre.

The Train Station Concourse map pack contains 17 files.

Map size 36 × 71
Setting Urban Interior
Variations Abandoned, Bustling, Construction, Cracked Clock, Eldritch Eye, Escapee, Girders, Haunted, Interdimensional Platform, Luggage Mimic, Magic Clock, Massacre, No Clock, Order Of Unicorns, Original Day, Original Night, Spider Infestation
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