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Tomb of Sand Map

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Unearth the secrets of the Tomb of Sand map pack, where a sandy exterior leads to a magnificent tomb adorned with blue and gold inlays, crowned by a beautiful dome. With variations like Broken Bridge, Serpent, or Sunset, your players can explore different facets of this ancient tomb. Will they face the wrath of the Blood Temple or unlock the secrets of the Water Temple? For peace, offer your players a serene sunset. Or perhaps they need to find the entrance while a sandstorm engulfs the tomb. The gorgeous details in each variant will provide plenty to explore.

The Tomb of Sand map pack contains 18 files.

Map size 28 × 54
Setting Temple Exterior
Variations Blood Temple, Broken Bridge, Broken Bridge Sand Whirl, From Within, Magic Architect, Midas Touch, No Sand Fall, Original Day, Original Night, Sand Storm, Sand Whirl, Serpent, Shed Skin, Star Temple, Stuck in Time, Sunfall, Sunset, Water Temple
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