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Thieves Guild Hideout Map

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Who's to say whether your players are welcome in this guild, or will have to sneak past the best thieves in the world? You can't go wrong with another incredibly detailed map by Czepeku. They've added tons of small details to the blacksmiths, florists, storage space, and more that surround this Thieves' Guild. Can you players find all the secret entrances and hidden passageways? Will they have to battle their way in? Or out? Perhaps the party is hoping to take over this perfect space as a base of operations. The possibilities are endless with the variations provided.

The Thieves Guild Hideout map pack contains 22 files.

Map size 28 × 34
Setting Urban Interior
Variations Betrayal, Cursed Relic, Definitely Not Thieves, Giant Idol Day, Giant Idol Night, Golden Relic Day, Golden Relic Night, Hostage Day, Hostage Night, Lights Out, Lights Out Thieves Out, Merry Misunderstanding, Original Day, Original Night, Raid Day, Raid Night, Rain, Rare Creature Day, Rare Creature Night, Snow, Stolen Chests Day, Stolen Chests Night
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