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The Stranded Casino Map

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Who doesn't like testing their luck at the gambling table? Perhaps this casino is also a shrine to a local luck god. Located on a stranded ship, this casino has 7 floors: the crows nest, the captain's quarters & swordfish room (upper cabins), the harpy room, & wheel of coin (lower cabins), the deck of cards, the gold ring tavern, the crew's quarters & ship's brig, and the treasure hoard. How are the players going to get into the VIP Harpy Room and Swordfish Room? What's hiding in the treasure hoard and how will players find it? Are those suits of armor merely decoration? Or more? Who runs this mysterious establishment? A casino is the perfect place to start a quest... or end one. Use this multi-level battlemap to run wild with your imagination.

The Stranded Casino map pack contains 7 files.

Map size 42 × 23
Setting Urban Interior
Variations Brig & Crews Quarters, Crows Nest, Ground Floor Cabin, Original, Second Floor Cabin, Tavern, Treasure Room
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