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Slum District Map - bcdd7bc6a84a66cf64b7f54d0ac5bce3

Slum District Map

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Navigate the gritty streets of the Slum District map pack, where run-down buildings, rickety bridges, green mucky water, and smoke-filled chimneys create an atmosphere of urban decay. In these labyrinthine alleys, your players might cross paths with the charismatic but cunning Rogue's Guild, who operate in the shadows and could provide information or questionable opportunities. Or perhaps one of your players is from this district and hopes to lead a rebellion against the oppressive ruling class. This urban environment is perfect for finding hidden underground lairs of thieves or orchestrating a revolt against the corrupt elites. Or maybe just a little bit of sabotage of the factory dumping toxic waste into the waters.

The Slum District map pack contains 14 files.

Map size 38 × 59
Setting Urban Exterior
Variations Blood River, Clean Day, Clean Night, Deep Smog, Desert, Drought, Fog, Lava, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Rainbow River, Winter Day, Winter Night
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