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Temple of the Medusa Map - b6094de163c75bf88709b3d48bc8cf49

Temple of the Medusa Map

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Brave the horrors of the Temple of the Medusa in this map pack. Navigate its treacherous chambers and throne room. Menacing snake heads and haunting medusas threaten from all sides. Petrified statues showcase only a small portion of the dangers in this Temple dungeon. From the "Throne Abandoned" to "Throne Medusa Midas," these variations immerse your players in a tale of curses, peril, and mythical wonders.

The Temple of the Medusa map pack contains 15 files.

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Setting Temple Interior
Variations Temple No Torches, Temple Original, Throne Abandoned, Throne Activated, Throne Blood Temple, Throne Dark, Throne Flooded, Throne Magic Flame, Throne Medusa Midas, Throne No Mural, Throne No Statues, Throne Original, Throne Sacrificial, Throne Snake Eyes, Throne Snake Temple
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