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A collage of several Czepeku maps
Temple of the Couatl Interior Map - d38de834165a49f91d8ebdab887909bc

Temple of the Couatl Interior Map

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Another perfect temple dungeon from Czepeku. Will your party survive the 5 trap-filled floors to reach the basement where a large 28 x 28 boss room can be found? On the way there are many pitfalls, traps, and other dangers to avoid. Increase the tension with giant spiders, toxic spills, and no clues to the magic that keeps the torches burning. When one path is blocked, will your party find the detour? If so, will they live to tell about it? Beautifully detailed with something to explore in each room, you and your players will find hours of play with this map.

The Temple of the Couatl Interior map pack contains 17 files.

Map size 28 × 28
Setting Temple Interior
Variations Boss Room Blood Rift, Boss Room Blood Spring, Boss Room Bottomless Pit, Boss Room Cosmic, Boss Room Dark, Boss Room Dark 2, Boss Room Gold, Boss Room Magic Ring, Boss Room Massacre, Boss Room Original, Boss Room Slime Infestation, Boss Room Two Coatls, Boss Room Water Tempest, Floor 1, Floor 2, Floor 3, Floor 4
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