A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Temple of the Couatl Exterior Map - 100b418d4d805c306ba32ee6db746575

Temple of the Couatl Exterior Map

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This map is perfect for a lost temple, worn and ravaged time. Partially flooded and reclaimed by the nature around it, what manner of valuable treasure could be hidden inside? How has the temple remained safe from other adventurers? Does something - or someone - hide deep inside? This map pack's variants give you 18 different options - whether surrounded by a jungle, desert, mystical water, or an ancient city. Perfect for a fantasy Mesoamerican setting or as a forgotten ziggurat. What traps or creatures will fight to keep the party from reaching the treasure room?

The Temple of the Couatl Exterior map pack contains 18 files.

Map size 27 × 57
Setting Temple Exterior
Variations Original Day, Original Night, Blood Temple Orange Night, Blood Temple Night, Blood Trail, Desert Day, Desert Night, Glowing Water 2 Night, Glowing Water Night, Illuminated Symbols Night, Jungle Day, Jungle Night, No Fire Desert Night, No Fire Night, Rain, Sacrifice Night, Sunset, Whirlpool Day
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