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Sulphur Planet

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Welcome to the Sulphur Planet, a celestial body shaped by the intense forces of nature. This planetary biome boasts scorching hot surfaces fueled by geothermal activity, where minerals beneath the crust dissolve, creating a landscape of otherworldly beauty. What subterranean species thrive in the planet's heat? Is this the perfect location for a spa resort or a toxic environment that few can survive? Explore the variations offered, each presenting a different facet of this vibrant planet. And, for a touch of festive whimsy, don't miss the special holiday-themed variation featuring a crash-landed vehicle full of presents.

The Sulphur Planet map pack contains 24 files

Map size 30 × 51
Theme/Type Alien Exterior Planet
Variations Acid Rain, Acrid, Blood Planet, Crash Landing Day, Crash Landing Night, Drought, Iridescent, Lake, Lava, No Bones Day, No Bones Night, No Capsule, No Capsule Night, No Props Day, No Props Night, Original Day, Original Night, Rainbow, Smoke, Sulphu rGlow, Sulphur Fire, Tarpit, Winter Day, Winter Night
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