A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Steamy Japanese Bathhouse Map

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Another perfect map from Czepeku! Whether they're looking for peace and tranquility or your players are tasked with discovering who is behind the massacre here, you can't go wrong with this incredible map. In the original battlemaps, a fire-bellied salamander heats the pools. Other maps have a beautiful waterfall. Seasonal variants make this a must-have location for adding depth to your world. Additional variants include glowing pools at night, fae pools, and blood baths.

The Steamy Japanese Bathhouse map pack contains 14 files.

Map size 16 × 43
Setting Urban Interior
Variations Autumn Day, Bloodbath Day, Bloodbath Night, Fairy, Firefly Night, Glow Night, Massacre Day, Original Day, Original Night, Plain Day, Plain Night, Rain Night, Spring Day, Winter Day
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