A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Steam Factory Map

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Czepeku present another perfect mix of technology and whimsy with this map pack. You can hear the clatter of machinery and the aroma of industry hanging heavy in the air. The workshop's chambers are strewn with crates and tools and the second floor includes an office and planning desk. However, be cautious as you explore variations like the Crime Scene where the shadows may hide sinister secrets, or the Overgrown variants where nature reclaims the machinery and unexpected life stirs.

The Steam Factory map pack contains 27 files.

Map size 40 × 22
Setting Urban Interior
Variations Abandoned Floor 1, Abandoned Floor 2, Abandoned Floor 3, Crime Scene Floor 1, Crime Scene Floor 2, Crime Scene Floor 3, Engine Off Floor 1, Engine Off Floor 2, Engine Off Floor 3, Massacre Floor 1, Massacre Floor 2, Massacre Floor 3, Moon light Floor 1, Moon light Floor 2, Moon light Floor 3, Night Floor 1, Night Floor 2, Night Floor 3, Original Floor 1, Original Floor 2, Original Floor 3, Overgrown Floor 1, Overgrown Floor 2, Overgrown Floor 3, Overheated Floor 1, Overheated Floor 2, Overheated Floor 3
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