A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Squengi's Grill

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Need a perfect place for a meal or for your players to meet with the "local" fence? Squengi's Grill is a unique space diner with plenty of delicious food and interesting characters.. This civilian commercial location also includes small zippy shuttles and taxis for regular folks who want to visit the diner. With maps like 'Abandoned' and 'NoShields,' these settings are perfect for running assassination missions, heists, or trade-offs. Experience the intriguing blend of commerce and intrigue in the Squengi's Grill map pack.

The Squengi's Grill map pack contains 9 variations.

Map size 35 × 59
Theme/Type Civilian/Commercial
Variations Abandoned, BlownEngine, Breached, Breached Massacre, LightsOff, Massacre, NoShields, Orginal, Whoops
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