A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Spider Queen Throne Map

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Take your players into the depths of a sinister map, where an eerie throne room beckons. Treacherous webs hang over the walls and purple lights cast unsettling shadows. Are your players welcome here? Or are they trying to avoid being the next snack? Prepare for peril in variations like 'Baby Spiders, where the next generation of horrors awaits. Or strategize how to save the captured hostages that hang in the webbing above the throne.

The Spider Queen Throne map pack contains 14 files.

Map size 29 × 58
Setting Cave Interior
Variations Baby Spiders, Broken Bridge, Dead Spider, Fire Throne, Frozen Throne, Hostage, Hostages, Hostile, No Throne, No Throne Queen Spider, Original, Spider Queen, Spider Throne, Umbral
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