A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Solar Cathedral Map

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Experience the beautiful radiance of the this solar cathedral. Showcasing the intricate beauty of a temple interior. Marvel at stained glass windows, pews, altars, and a majestic musical organ. Whether your players are visiting the temple of a Sun God or visiting the Rose Court, these variations set the stage for sacred quests, celestial revelations, and spiritual journeys within this awe-inspiring temple.

The Solar Cathedral map pack contains 26 files.

Map size 37 × 48
Setting Temple Interior
Variations Ground Floor - Abandoned, Ground Floor - Dark Church, Ground Floor - Haunted, Ground Floor - Hellgate, Ground Floor - Invocation, Ground Floor - Light Night, Ground Floor - Massacre, Ground Floor - Moon God, Ground Floor - Original Day, Ground Floor - Original Night, Ground Floor - Rose Court Day, Ground Floor - Shadowrealm, Ground Floor - Sun God, Ground Floor - Sunset, Top Floor - Abandoned, Top Floor - Dark Church, Top Floor - Haunted, Top Floor - Hellgate, Top Floor - Invocation, Top Floor - Light Night, Top Floor - Massacre, Top Floor - Original Day, Top Floor - Original Night, Top Floor - Rose Court Day, Top Floor - Shadow-realm, Top Floor - Sunset
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