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Smuggler's Fen Map

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Unearth hidden treasures in the Smuggler's Fen map pack. Roam through the swamps and building ruins. Explore the boats and waterways in this gorgeous map and try to discover the mysteries of the ruined windmill. Have your players been sent to find a notorious smuggler? Or are they looking for their own place to hide? Choose atmospheric variations like "Fireflies" or "Toxic Swamp" to set the stage for smuggling operations, ancient mysteries, and eerie encounters in this evocative environment.

The Smuggler's Fen map pack contains 18 files.

Map size 28 × 33
Setting Rural Exterior
Variations Autumn, Blood Swamp, Cloudy, Dry, Fey, Fireflies, Fog, Natural, Oil Smuggling, Original Day, Original Night Dark, Original Night Fire, Rain, Shadowrealm, Snow, Summer, Sunrise, Toxic Swamp
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