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Shuttle Assembly Building - 708056bc0541e13b4200f3bd8d01a13c

Shuttle Assembly Building

Product Information



Welcome to the Construction Site, a bustling hub of progress in the midst of a futuristic city. Sneak through the site's unfinished areas, hiding amidst moving machinery or traversing the rooftops. Will your party sabotage the project before its completion or defend it against adversaries? Perhaps there's a valuable artifact buried beneath the construction site, awaiting discovery.

The Shuttle Assembly Building map pack contains 22 files

Map size 33 x 64
Theme/Type Civilian/Planet
Variations Alarm, Deep Space, Empty Day, Empty Night, Fog, Lava, Massacre, No Power Day, No Power Night, No Vehicles, Ocean Day, Orbital Laser, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Sandstorm, Skyscraper Day, Skyscraper Night, Spot Lights, Toxic, Winter Day, Winter Night
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