A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Shadowfell Fortress Interior Map - 8cfb376ad62adc4a987021d6ddcaafac

Shadowfell Fortress Interior Map

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Descends into the shadowfell plane, featuring a fortress surrounded by chains and lurking creatures. Explore multiple floors within the eerie fortress, facing challenges and dark mysteries. Encounter menacing foes in the ocean fort or uncover the secrets of the sky fort. Players can explore the courtyards and ramparts of the fortress. Should they sabotage the crossbows on the towers? Or perhaps attempt to sneak quietly past the guards. Journey into the shadowfell plane to rescue a kidnapped ally, navigating the labyrinthine fortress and battling shadowy creatures from another realm.

The Shadowfell Fortress Interior map pack contains 26 files.

Map size 42 × 59
Setting Shadowfell Interior/Exterior
Variations Astral Fort, Country Fort, Floor 1, Floor 2, Floor B1, Floor G, Lava, Monochrome Floor 1, Monochrome Floor 2, Monochrome Floor B1, Monochrome Floor G, Monochrome Original, No Chains, No Crossbows, No Monster, No Monster Floor 1, No Monster Floor 2, No Monster Floor B1, No Monster Floor G, Ocean Fort, Original, Rain, Sky Fort Day, Sky Fort Night, Underwater, Winter Fort
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