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Shadowfell Fortress Bridge Map

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A terrifying bridge spans the abyss below, and lurking creatures await in the shadowfell plane. Is there any other way into this fortress? Is it safer to traverse the floating rocks or cross the bridge? A terrifying creature seems to lurk in the abyss below. Explore variations such as the treacherous 'Lava' or the eerie 'Haunted Fortress.' Will your party face the challenges of a bloodbath or navigate the broken bridge? These maps offer a range of settings for suspenseful encounters. Who or what guards this ominous bridge, and what secrets lie within the shadows? Will your players uncover the truth behind the enigmatic doorway, or will they face the perils that await on this darkened path?

The Shadowfell Fortress Bridge map pack contains 11 files.

Map size 26 × 67
Setting Shadowfell Exterior
Variations Barricades, Bloodbath, Broken Bridge, Guarded, Haunted Fortress, Lava, No Worm, Original, Rain, Silence, Original Aberration Off
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