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Serene Lakeside Map

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Step into a realm of tranquility (or mystery) with this picturesque lakeside map, featuring a small rustic hut and a welcoming fire pit. Nestled beside the calm waters of the lake, this scene offers endless possibilities for your adventures. Explore variations such as the frozen lake, eerie swamp, arid dry lakebed, rushing swollen river, and more, each adding its own unique twist to this serene lakeside setting. What secrets does the ghost ship carry? And where will the bridge or frozen lake lead you? Each variations offers its own unique challenges and opportunities.

The Serene Lakeside map pack contains 16 files.

Map size 21 × 32
Setting Rural Exterior
Variations Frozen Lake, Swamp, Dry Lakebed Night, Original Night, Ghost Ship Night, Bridge Night, Bridge Day, Dry Lakebed, Boat Maker, Foggy Nessy, Foggy, Original Day, Swollen River Day, Witch Coven, Bog Day, Swollen River Night
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