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Secret Sailor Lair Map - a0cc10ee459f883095730fb4222df0df

Secret Sailor Lair Map

Product Information



Pirates and adventure await in this map pack! Or perhaps it's bureaucracy and a lot of down time as their ship is repaired. Featuring docks, boats, green water, and the catch of the day, this is a perfect location for sailors. Does a notorious pirate crew run this place? Or perhaps a cult with ties to ancient sea gods. The variants provide a myriad of choices, including an abandoned dock, a sea of blood, and even a dried up ocean desert. There's even a variant in the sky for your airships or Spelljammer campaign. With the ghosts haunting the docks at night, though, we wouldn't recommend staying too long. Though the sunset is certainly a sight to behold!

The Secret Sailor Lair map pack contains 26 files.

Map size 30 × 54
Setting Urban Exterior
Variations Abandoned, Desert Day, Desert Night, Empty Day, Empty Night, Firefly, Flooded, Fog, Frozen, Grasslands Day, Grasslands Night, Haunted, Massacre, No Ship Day, No Ship Night, Original Day, Original Night, Pirate, Rain, Sea Of Blood, Sea Of Slime, Shipwreck, Sky Lair Day, Sky Lair Night, Sunset, Yllmourne
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