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A collage of several Czepeku maps
Secret Fey Fountain Map - 76edfad74f58664fd2ca28ebab9a7062

Secret Fey Fountain Map

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Enchantment thrives within this map pack. Step into the captivating throne room adorned with delicate columns and vibrant lilypads, with a resplendent pink lotus-like throne at its heart. Traverse through this fey location in its various forms, from the tranquil allure of Astral Altar to the mystic depths of Desert Cave. Uncover the secrets of the Elder brain and the rejuvenating waters of Font Of Mana. Embrace the icy beauty of the Frozen variation and try not to forget the charm of the Nepenthe. Whether you seek solace in the desert oasis or explore the ethereal allure of the Fey Pond, these eighteen variations offer enchanting landscapes that beckon adventurers into the realm of fey magic and intrigue.

The Secret Fey Fountain map pack contains 18 files.

Map size 23 × 48
Setting Fey Exterior
Variations Astral Altar, Bridge, Cave, Desert Cave, Elder brain, Font Of Mana, Frozen, Nepenthe, Oasis, Original Day, Original Night, Pond, Pool, Portal, Sacrificial Vortex, Spring, Totem, Vortex
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