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Rusty Robot Lake Map

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What looks like picturesque locale at first glance turns quickly into a mystery! A moss-covered robot lies submerged in this lake, and a giant rusty sword juts from the waters. Who lives in the small building on the lake shore? And were they here before the robot? Or have they come since? Rickety bridges lead across the lake, including to the robot's torso. Paths and a forest surround this strange location. Seasonal and weather variants make it easy to bring your players her at any time within a campaign. Atmospheric variations like "Pink Fey" and "Shadowlands" let your players discover the consequences of exploring within the ruins.

The Rusty Robot Lake map pack contains 24 files.

Map size 40 × 56
Setting Rural Exterior
Variations Astral Reflection, Autumn, Blood Leak, Day No Robot, Dry, Dry Robot, Fog, Fresh, Natural, Natural NoTrees, Night Light, Night No Robot, No Trees, Oil Leak, Original Day, Original Night, Pink Fey, Rain, Shadowlands, Spring, Winter Day, Winter Night, Winter No Robot Day, Winter No Robot Night
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