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Ruined Courtyard Map

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What happened here? Navigate through overgrown gardens, crumbling ruins, and surreal landscape variations. Enjoy the once grand dragon topiary. And discover whatever is lurking beneath the broken ground of this courtyard. Whether you embrace the "Blossom Night" or "The Source" variations, these settings provide a canvas for encounters with ancient magic, celestial mysteries, and forgotten realms within the ruined courtyard.

The Ruined Courtyard map pack contains 31 files.

Map size 28 × 48
Setting Urban Exterior
Variations Abandoned, Angel Day, Angel Night, Beast, Blossom Night, Crystal Burst, Crystal Lake, Crystal Punk, Dark Angel Day, Dark Angel Night, Darkness, DeepFog, Erasing Fog, Eyes In The Dark, Fireflies, Flame Crystal, Glowy Crystal, Ice Temple, Original Day, Original Night, Pond, Rain, Rainbow, Shadow Realm, Snow, Spell Residue, Sunset, Tempura, The Lance, The Source, Toxic
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