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Royal Throne Room Map

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Add gravitas and opulence to your world with this gorgeous throne room. The hall is decorated with expensive tapestries, finery, and great statues of heroes past. Your players will have plenty of time to think as they walk the long carpet to the thrones. Are they in favour with the monarchs? Or have they come to be punished? Will a fey trick open a portal under their feet? Or are their plans to meet the rulers thwarted when they arrive in a blood-stained room? The variants in this pack provide an opportunity to show the passage of time and give your players new details to explore. No palace is complete without this beautiful map.

The Royal Throne Room map pack contains 14 files.

Map size 17 × 48
Setting Urban Interior
Variations Original Day, Original Night, Demon Throne, Frost Throne, Frost Throne Chilled, Knightmare, Massacre, Moonlight, Night Torches, Portal Opening, Prisoner, Ruins, Stained Glass, Underworld
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