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Ropebridge Chasm Map - 09fe079734d598f6323b9091db04f45f

Ropebridge Chasm Map

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A crystal-clear blue waterway winds through a verdant cliffside landscape, complete with a bridge for traversal. But no Czepeku map pack is complete without exciting variants that give you and your players options for adventure, danger, and mystery. With variations like High Tide, Broken Bridge, or Toxic, your players can navigate the difficulties of crossing the bridge. Will they explore the Bloodlands or brave the heat in the lava-filled Sea of Flame? Showcase a tranquil autumn day or turbulent fog. You can create any number of challenges for your players.

The Ropebridge Chasm map pack contains 19 files.

Map size 32 × 50
Setting Cliff Exterior
Variations Autumn, Bloodlands, Bridge, Crossing, Desert, Fog, Griffon Nest, HighTide, LowTide, Natural, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Sea Of Flame, Shipwreck, Snow, Spring, Storm, Toxic
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