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Riverwood Toll Castle Map

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Explore the formidable Riverwood Toll Castle, a bastion of fortifications perched over a rushing river amidst a lush forest. Czepeku have created yet another perfect blend of interior and exterior spaces within this stronghold. Will your players be attempting to infiltrate this bastion of security? Or have they been tasked with keeping it safe. Seasonal and weather variants make it possible to bring your players back to this location over and over. Transport your players to a world of epic battles, watery sieges, and hidden chambers concealed within the castle's formidable walls.

The Riverwood Toll Castle map pack contains 25 files.

Map size 30 × 44
Setting Other Interior/Exterior
Variations Arctic, Autumn, Bloody Battle, Broken Bridge, Desert, Flooded, Interior Day, Interior Night, Night Fireflies, Night Torches, No Bridge, Original Day, Original Night, Props Off, Rain, Rising Fog 01, Rising Fog 02, Rising Fog 03, Rising Fog 04, Rising Fog 05, Shadow Realm, Spring, Swamp, Tar Spill, Winter
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