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Rebel Camp Map

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Welcome to the Rebel Camp! This is the last stand of a people trying to defend their territory. They've been hiding out in the caves but have now set up pallisades and other defences for an incoming attack. If all goes badly they can escape into the mountain pass, but it's a dangerous long and winding road and who knows what'll be at the other end. The Rebel Camp map pack guides you to a fortified mountain camp, where tents and sharpened logs hint at a resistance's struggle. Explore variations like 'Dark Lands,' where a sinister aura may permeate the surroundings, or 'Night Lights,' where a nocturnal rebellion may be in full swing.

The Rebel Camp map pack contains 30 files.

Map size 35 × 51
Setting Rural Exterior
Variations Abandoned, Ashfall, Autumn, DarkLands, Dark Pressence, Desert Day, Desert Night, Fey, Fireflies, Flood Blood, Flood Day, Flood Night, Flood Toxic, Fog, Massacre, Natural Day, Natural Night, Night Lights, No Cave Day, No Cave Night, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Spring, Sunset, Winter Day, Winter Night
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