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Quaint Village School Map

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The Quaint Village School map pack invites you to explore a charming rural school, complete with classrooms, desks, and even a library. Is this the childhood schoolhouse of a player? Does a wise teacher live here, providing training for future adventurers? Seasonal variants show time passing in this rural village. Variations like 'Paint Party' hint at spirited events that have left their mark on the premises, while 'Fey' suggests an otherworldly influence lurking beneath the surface.

The Quaint Village School map pack contains 26 files.

Map size 30 × 48
Setting Rural Interior/Exterior
Variations Abandoned, Autumn, Dark Presence, Desert Day, Desert Night, Drought, Empty Day, Empty Night, Fey, Fireflies, Flood Day, Flood Night, Fog, Haunted, Meadow Day, Meadow Night, Natural Day, Natural Night, NoTrees Day, NoTrees Night, Original Day, Original Night, Paint Party, Rain, Spring, Sunset, Winter Day, Winter Night
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