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Pseudodragon Lair Map

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This map pack depicts you to a detailed complex surrounded by fields. The complex includes a temple, lush courtyard, sleeping chambers, and a kitchen. Variants for this map include a cultists' ritual and serene snowy day. Or perhaps this sprawling complex is on its own little island, surrounded by water and hard to access. Who knows what happens here at night? Players can delve into the mysterious underground tunnels, where hidden secrets and ancient enchantments might await them.

The Pseudodragon Lair map pack contains 16 files.

Map size 46 × 61
Setting Rural Interior/Exterior
Variations Assassination, Blood River, Cult, Lake Day, Lake Night, Original Day, Original Night, Original Underground, Rain, Ritual, Snow Day, Sunset, Swamp Day, Swamp Night, Torches Night, Underground Spider Infestation
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