A collage of several Czepeku maps
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Plague Hospital Map

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Even in worlds of magic and wonder, injuries and illness still exist. Use this beautiful hospital map in a larger city or as part of a healing temple. With serene fountains and a mesmerizing caduceus mosaic, the original map variation is bathed in bright light and lush greenery. Alternately, through an astral temple or face the enigmatic zodiac call' Whether your adventurers seek respite in the healing waters' or must confront the grim realities of the plague, these maps offer a range of settings for medical mysteries, supernatural encounters, and chilling adventures within the Plague Hospital's walls. Who are the mysterious healers that tend to the wounded here, and what secrets do they hold? What nightmarish entities or victims of the disease might your players encounter as they navigate this forsaken place?

The Plague Hospital map pack contains 18 files.

Map size 24 × 52
Setting Urban Interior
Variations Abundant Orange, Astral Temple, Blue Vortex, Green Brazier, Healing Waters, Healing Waters 2, Ice Temple, Night, Orange Brazier, Original, Plague, Plague Night Day, Roman Hall Day, Roman Hall Night, Water Temple, Wilted Summer, Zodiac Call, Zodiac Realm
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