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Pirate Lord's Lair Map

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Embark on a swashbuckling adventure with the Pirate Lord's Lair map pack. Czepeku have once again perfectly blended nautical exteriors and interiors. Sail the high seas, traverse bone-strewn docks, and explore the central meeting room or captain's cabin. These maps transport you to the unforgiving ocean, where pirates have created a complex island of docks, bones, giant skulls, and wrecked ships. The pirate flags flutter ominously above the fortifications, leading you to the central meeting room and the opulent Captain's Cabin. Whether you encounter the "Blood Tides" or brave the "Storm," these atmospheric variations set the stage for daring encounters, treasure hunts, and epic battles against the forces of the sea.

The Pirate Lord's Lair map pack contains 25 files.

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Setting Nautical Interior/Exterior
Variations Bioluminescent, Black Flag, Blood Tides, Bridges, Captains Cabin, Crab, Dark Sea, Flooded, Fog, Gathering Table, Gathering Table Lights Off, Gathering Table Night, Gathering Table Night Torches, Island, No Boats, Oil Rig, Original Day, Original Night, Rain, Sailing, Sky Fortress, Spotlights, Storm, Toxic, Winter
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